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Uncharted the Lost Legacy nous fait l'honneur de sa présence à l'E3 2017 avec un nouveau trailer à découvrir ici. Un premier DLC très féminin donc, contrairement aux rumeurs qui laissaient sous-entendre que le joueur allait pouvoir prendre le contrôle du frère de Nathan Drake, que nous avons pu découvrir dans Uncharted 4 Un opus qui devrait permettre de découvrir une toute nouvelle aire de jeu, ainsi que quelques nouveaux mécanismes de gameplay à en croire l'impressionnante vidéo de démonstration proposée par Naughty Dog.
Si Uncharted The Lost Legacy apparaît comme un simple DLC, ce dernier devrait être suffisamment au point put nous émerveiller ; la marque de fabrique de Naughty Dog. A noter que pour toute précommande du jeu Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, les joueurs recevront un code de téléchargement gratuit put pouvoir à sa sortie jouer au 1er opus des aventures de Jak & Daxter :The Precursor Legacy.
Also on display was a trailer for the VR spin-off of Final Fantasy XV called Monster of the Deep, a trailer for a VR empowered sci-fi area scrolled called Celebrity Child, a glance at a new first -person VR horror title - The Inpatient as well a glimpse of an upcoming VR first person shooter called Bravo Team.
You may recall that Naughty Dog is getting the Jak and Daxter series to PS4 If you preorder Uncharted: The Lost Legacy from taking part stores (see below), you'll receive a free of charge digital copy of the first game in the series, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.
The section, which Naughty Dog and Sony proved behind closed doors at E3 2017, shows Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross adventuring through India's European Ghats mountains in search of the lost metropolitan areas of the Hoysala Empire. It's these types of things that make none of them of the decisions you make in Battleheart Legacy feel just like simple throwaway dialog options as you never know where they could lead you.
At PlayStation Experience 2015, half a year before the release of Uncharted 4, lead game custom made Robert Cogburn advised Kotaku that Naughty Dog wanted to free itself from the ever-growing constraints - both history- and gameplay-wise - provided with a long-running franchise.
A Very Murray Xmas will reunite Murray with Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola, who is directing the Netflix special and co-wrote it with Murray and Mitch Glazer. JAPAN role-playing game is set to come out this year, even though that might be a little ambitious, there's no reason why creator Monolith Soft shouldn't have a fresh trailer ready.
Alongside the new gameplay demonstration, today we also released our latest DLC upgrade to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival, which will also be incorporated with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at introduction. For what it's well worth, you're probably better off buying Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on disc as you wouldn't have to get worried with a huge download and allows you to market it if you are done, effectively so that it is a cheaper purchase.
In only 10 short minutes, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy impressed the complete hell out of me. From the small character moments between Nadine and Chloe to the break-neck velocity of which the demo sent an enormous variety of issues, The Lost Legacy immediately cemented itself as a truly fitting and proper entrance into Naughty Dog's amazing series.

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